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Your daily life and schedule are blessed all year long as lucky Jupiter makes his way through your house of work. Eclipses have brought major intensity to your sex life over the last few years, Cancer. Focus on what makes you feel good, especially when Venus is in your own stars during July. Note that the Solar Eclipse in your sign on 2 July could bring breakthroughs or breakups — depending upon the circumstances. This might force a confrontation with a fear of failure — or perhaps success.

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This is intense emotional work, but who is better at that than you, Mistress of the Moon? The less intense yet really positive news is that lucky Jupiter will power up your work zone through December, bringing you opportunities galore. The only downside can be too many offers that create a state of overwhelm. This is one of the highlights of your year, Cancer. Expect radical revolution in your social world this year and beyond, Cancer.

You might meet the most exciting, fascinating, worldly people and embrace them as your closest mates.

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At the same time, there could be a shakeup or two in your oldest friendships. Type keyword s to search. Elle UK. Overview: Change is the only constant this year, Cancer luv. Those who are attached may feel like spicing things up or having confrontational conversations.

You may feel drawn to creating a new image for yourself while these planets square against each other. If you can, stick to fun and thrifty additions to your closet over investment pieces.

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The Sun trines lucky Jupiter on August 7, helping us to look at the world with a more optimistic lens. Charming Venus trines lucky Jupiter on August 8, making it easy to reconcile your differences with loved ones and build healthy relationships. Let this easygoing energy lead you towards impromptu hangouts with new friends or potential lovers. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and travel moves direct on August 11, bringing us new experiences and lessons to draw from.

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Learn to trust your intuition as the lucky planet moves forward this month. Uranus, the divine awakener, goes retrograde on August 11, flipping a switch on his energy. Changes will occur more noticeable internally, rather than externally while the mysterious planet moves in reverse until January 10, Commit to working on yourself while Uranus moves backward rather than striving for intense physical, worldly change.

Soak up earthly pleasures on August 14, when The Sun conjuncts sensual Venus.

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Avoid going overboard by knowing your limits and making time to be alone with yourself in preparation for the following workday. We want to create new rules for ourselves, making it a great day to conceptualize plans and creative projects. Be patient with yourself on August 16, when thought-ruler Mercury squares a retrograde Uranus.

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This square can create frustration in lack of outward change. Focus on removing your bias and getting comfortable with your journey of inner growth. The limelight loses a little luster on August 23 when the Sun moves into practical Virgo, calling our attention towards precision and accountability.

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Virgo is a sign that values the binary code — the world becomes a black and white place. Be careful as you make decisions and weigh options carefully while the Sun lights this pragmatic sign. Take a leap of faith on August 26, when Venus trines a retrograde Uranus.

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