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Manglik Dosha and Chart Matching « Janma Kundali, Free Astrology Software

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S D Sharma Chandigarh. Some sneezing and mild coughing are enough to set off alarm bells and make people rush to nearby astrologers. After the news of a suspected swine flu death in Panchkula broke on Saturday, more than 1, people have come in with requests for havans. I am taking anti-viral medicines, but if these rituals help in keeping swine flu away, I see no harm in them. Havans purify the air and destroy the flu-causing microbes, whereas chanting helps in creating a protective aura around a person.

To both of us marriage is an affair for a lifetime… yet there are times when I would love to run away… and i wonder if he feels the same way to. My details are: Name : Madhumita D. B: Calcutta Time of birth: 6. I am shown with Dosha even i am having mars in 12 th house with Libra sign which should not be like that as per your exceptions list, please help me..

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Can anybody please tell me whether me or my Mrs. We are not getting along since our marriage in Apr 05, Presently we are separated. I came across your website just yesterday. I was directed to your website by a link on wikipedia. You are doing a good job here. We have been visiting astrologers to find out whether the boy we have looked for her is manglik or not. The house lord of 12th house is cancer. With Moon as the lord of this sign, Mars is weak. Can you please look into this and guide us. N, Longitude : Secondly, my sister is said to be manglik in south india and non-manglik in north india. Why is there a difference? I was told that there is a Nadi problem both Nadis falling under and same charan.

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Is there any workaround possible to this Nadi dosh? What complications one can expect if there is no workaround found?

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Boy: 6th Sept , time 5. Its my first visit to your website. And in which ways is it going to affect my career and marriage? Are there remedies to it? Kindly suggest. Namasthe, Born in Chennai,time of birth is 4. I was told to be suffering with kalasarpa dosha. Born in suklapaksha and Saturn lord of 10th and 11th house is in 12th house at closer degree with destroyer Rahu and hence, I was told I cannot earn or achieve any thing in my wholelife. Iam 39 years now and to till this day Iam not earning and depending on somebody else. Sometimes I feel like joining an ashram or even commiting suicide.

An important difference is 12th house is occupied by both sani and rahu and ketu is in 6th house and the rest are inbetween rahu and kethu.

Best Astrologer in Chandigarh, Mohali - Punjab - India - Rocky Kamboj - +91-9855581811

And hence some say I dont have KSY. Dasa Bukthi balance is Chandra dasa 2years 2 months and 12 days.

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Please reply. DOB of my Daughter is ,Calcutta, In your chart you have shown that she is a Mangalik as Mars appears in the 2nd House from Lagna. This is not correct. I have consulted several renowned India famed Astrologers of Calcutta and Benaras including two professors from College of Astrology. Indian Almanac also confirms this. Since in my daughters chart,Mars does not appear in those houses but in the 2nd House from Lagna,she is not Mangalik. If it is not correct kindly let me know the reasons. I am really in a strange situation. My first marriage ended in a year, my partner was manglik and I am not.

I have a 6 yrs old child. Now a guy 6 years elder to me is in love with me. He has divorced his wife and kid to get married to me. I too am interested in marrying him. So when horoscopes were matched, astrolloger says he is Manglik. Please reply at gaurip gmail. This is Raj. Now, as per your site, I do not have Mangal dosh. It is causing me a lot of worries. I need your help for my successful marrriage life with whome i love and We love each other very much. Her parents found out that I am Manglik and she is not. Hi, I have very frequently visited your site and found it very informative.

I thought you can very well solve my problem. I am worried for my health. I always have some or other health problems,which is effecting my day-to-day routine. Last years ,I am suffering from stomach problems. Moreover someone seeing my lifeline as it is fairly short said my lifespan is short.

Also I am planning to get married. I have consulted astrologers. They remarked it as not a very good match. Please help me out regarding my life and marriage issue. I wonder how many people in the world are born during this magal dosha time?

sd sharma astrologer chandigarh Sd sharma astrologer chandigarh
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