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Mesha 5- Stmha 9. Vrlshabha 3. Mlthuna 7. Tula 6. Kanya I l. Kumbha lO. Makara Shshodaga lRising with thelr heads 5. Stmha 6. KanYa 7. Tula 8. Vrlshchtka ll. Kumbha Watery JalTahpoJ 4. Kataka 8. Vrlshchtka All Slrshodaya signs are called diurnal signs they are satd to be powerful durtng the day births. All Pristhodaya signs and Mithuna are called Nocturnal signs they are said to be powerful during the nfght. Meena ts a hvtlight sign. All odd slgps, viz. They are also called cruel or flerce slgns.

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All even signs, vlz. They are treated as gentle or soumyc signs. Rashl l.

Mesha L Vrlshabha Colour Red. Vrlsttabha, Simha, the latter tralf of Dhanu and the flrst half of Makara are called Quadruped four legged or Chatuspad sigps. Kataka, Vrtetrchika and Meena are Keeto reptile signs. In actual practlce only Vrishchika ls generally treated as a Keta stgn. This zodiac is represented for astrological purposes in the form of birth chart or horoscope. Here while considerhg the limbs of Kalapurusha one more thing is to be remembered. Mesha is the flrst sigfr of the zodiac. But what actually happens is that at the ttme of the birth of the child any gf the twelve signs may rise and that rising sign wiil become Lagna.

This rising sign will then be treitedls the first limb of the native and the succeeding slgns will represent the other limbs in the order given in the previous paragraph. For example, if tlle Lagna is Tula, then Tula will represent the head of the native and the l2th sign from Tula, vlz.

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Kuja when alone or with the above natural benefic pl,anets becomes a natural beneflc. If he ls associated wttl. Ravi, the wa:dng Ch,andra. Some authorides are of the vlew, whJch we share, that Ravi who gtves light and llfe to the universe cannot be a malefic. Being hot and dry Ravi should be treated as a cruel Krura planet. In the Western system of astrologr Ravi is treated as a natural beneflc. As regards Chandra, she ls treated as wa:dng and beneflc from the 8th day of Shukla paksha tthe Urtgtrt. On the other days she is treated as waning and maleflc.

Note: In the prevlous lesson we have mentioned the colours of the rashls. Though colours are assigned to the rashJs, they are lnlluenced by the colours of the planets tlrey are associ;ated with.

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For exa. Rahu acts llke Shani and Ketu as KuJa in this respect. RauI : Rules over blle, heart, braln, head. KuJa Bile, ea. AMomen, tongue, lungs, bowels, nerve Budha centres, bile and musctrlar tissues. Guru Phlegm, blood, thtghs, flesh and fat and arterlal system.

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Ovarles, eyes, generatlve system, Shulna Kldneys, water, semen and phlegm. Shanl Feet, wind, acids, knees and marrow. While the scope of our lessons will not cover the very wtde and complicated subJect of 'Medtcal Astrologr' on whlch many learneds have publlshed separate books, we have glven this informatlon here to enable the students to have an idea wtrat parts of the body and what kinds of troubles those parts will suffer tf the planets controlling them are afiIicted.

The word 'alllction' means 'adverse efiect'. Gems, metals and tastes: Ravi's preclous stone is ' mantkga or ruby; Chandras pearl or mott, KuJa's coral or moonga, Budha's emerald or panna, Guru's Pushparaga or PukhrqJ or topaz, Shukra's diarnond or heera, Shani's neeliam or sapphtre, Flahu's gomedh, IGtu'e ucrldurya or cat's eye. The metal of Ketu is also lead. Ketu is similar to Rahu. We are giving this as a matter of general lrrformation; but probably this will not be of much use later ln our lessons. Actually the original writers have not clearly stated how this information is to be utilised.

Some is utilised for have stated that this information process of Prasna through the the thief recognising Kundali Horar5l astrology.

That is beyond the scope of our course. Dhohts or phgstcal constituents gouerned. Elements Tatuas : There are flve elements constituting the enflre universe namely prtthul, Jala water , TeJas or fire, Vagu or wind and Akasha or ether. Aspect oJ the planets: While we erre giving all possible general informations about planets to makC our lessons as self-sufficient as possible, we are poindng out at appropriate places what ls of stgniflcance and lmportance for the purpose of our course.

It may please be noted that the prtnctples regardlng aspects are oJ uerg great Importance for the Judgement of horoscopes and should, therefore, receive very careftrl attention of the etudents. The planets have four kinds of aspects. For the Judgement of horoscopes only full aspects are taken into account. Alt the planets aspect the 7th house from the house in which they are posited. KuJa has full aspect to the seventh house as well as his aspects to the 4th and 8th houses from him are considered full, that ls, as powerful as the 7th aspect.

Some are of the opinion ttrat Rahu and Ketu also have special Sth and 9th aspects; but we are of the view that they aspect only the 7th house from them.

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Planets, their houses, thelr exaltatlon and debllltatlon If a planet is po'sited in his orvn rashi he is said to be in his own house or Sr. In betu'een Sroakshetra and exaltation, there is another point of strength for a planet. The following table gtves the lnformatton above in a clear form Rasht owned bg hlm Stmha l. Ravl 2. Chandra Kataka Mesha 3. Kuja and Vrlshchtka Planet mentloned. Budha 6.

Guru O. Shukra 7. It wtll be seen tn the aborrc table that tn the case of all the planets except Chandra one of their slgns is in their Moota-trikona rashi also. So in order to differentiate kshetra the what ls Swakshetra and Moola-trikona For Ravi the followed. For Budtra the first half i.

For Shukra the first 20e portton of Tula ls hls Moola-trikona and the rest is Swakshetra. For Stranl the flrst 2Oeportton is hts Moola-trlkona and the rest i,s Swakshetra. These rashis are the negative rashls of these planets. In their negative signs the planets arc less assertive and active as they are in their positive signs, viz. In the table above we have given the exaltation rashis of the various planets. But the planets at times are at their highest exaltation points.

Similarly the opposite sign of a planet in exaltation is the sign of his debilitation. This can be seen in the table glven above. Note In preparing lockets, rings etc. Ravl, KuJa and Shanl are quadrupeds four bgged. Chandra and Rahu are centtpeds wlthout legs.

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astrology lessons malayalam pdf Astrology lessons malayalam pdf
astrology lessons malayalam pdf Astrology lessons malayalam pdf
astrology lessons malayalam pdf Astrology lessons malayalam pdf
astrology lessons malayalam pdf Astrology lessons malayalam pdf
astrology lessons malayalam pdf Astrology lessons malayalam pdf

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