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Capricorn Midheavens make natural CEOs, managers, doctors, property owners, financial managers, bankers.

Using Your Midheaven as a Career Guide

With your diligence and drive, you are self-made and will inhabit a position that commands respect, in any path you pursue. You can be stern and intimidating when first put in power. You must learn that toning down the bossiness and displaying more compassion can lead to more productivity and respect.

Sun in the 10th house in Taurus for Leo Ascendant in Astrology

If you have your Midheaven in Aquarius, you need a career that allows you freedom and that brings out your originality. No doubt you dream of making the world a better place and are meant to do just that.

You get high on bringing something new to the table, and you prefer a specialized job or one that only you can do. The reason for that? By being the only one qualified to do your job, no one can boss you around and tell you what to do.

Midheaven in Taurus Woman

You love to learn, and you get a lot of opportunities through friends and social groups. Aquarius Midheavens are drawn scientific or mathematical fields and towards the New Age. Astronomy, astrology, engineering, environmental science, film, television, humanitarian work are possible careers. Your breakthroughs in work can bring higher knowledge as you steer clear of traditional thought patterns to find new ways of doing things and make new discoveries. Avoid being stubborn and believing your way is always the right way.

How to Line Up Your Career Using the 2nd and 10th House

A little compromise never hurt. Money isn't as important to you as passion and being able to make a difference. Pisces Midheavens are drawn to careers in music, theater, film, literature, and the healing arts. Embrace your emotions. Explore your boundaries but be careful not to overstep them.

Learn to use your gifts of creativity, compassion, and spirituality, as they will bring you opportunities only you can imagine.

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Taurus Midheaven and Scorpio IC As a child, you were kept under very strong dominance or control within the family, although without harmful intentions. They know how to tough it out. They know they have creative potential and will invest in it wholeheartedly. They like consistency; it is important for them, as is security. People born with a Taurus Midheaven must feel safe and secure. Taurus Midheaven is sure of their beliefs.

Image projected to the world. Different from ascendant as that is more of an image formed after the first interaction.

They come off as very dignified in their own way, demanding respect and admiration. For instance, the Leo rising may tilt their head back and look down upon people to appear more authoritarian and regal. They may ooze sexuality, beauty, and confidence, and they know when they are showing off their stuff. Many have some sort of outstanding fashion statement, large hair, or unique hairstyles. Many of these celebrities seem aware of their fame and attention when I look at their pictures.

Keep reading. People with Taurus MC always look wealthier than they really are… they naturally know how to combine colors and clothing to look wealthy and sophisticated. They can prosper really in anything they want to. Plus perhaps you have aspects that could really indicate you could be an actress, you know some traits that are expressed through the aspects. Plus the Leo moon, you have it in you.

Midheaven in Taurus

You just also need to find the Leo moon courage and go for it, Taurus MC turn out to be successful in anything they put their mind and heart to. There is a taste for extravagance with a Taurus midheaven. Even with financial deprivation, the individual dreams incessantly about the luxuries of a privileged life, tasting cuisines full of spice, wearing designer labels, traveling the seven seas in opulence.

The individual may even like to give the impression that she lives a richer and more grandiose life than her bank balance allows. She is the celestial water that soothes a dry cracked earth. A guardian of flowers who blossoms with her calling. She is a vision of love, emerging from the clouds like Aphrodite. Self-employment is possible for Taurus Midheaven. Ideally, they like to create things for others to appreciate.

Having their beliefs questions, however, can cause a big rift. Their beliefs are often structured very rigidly. This helps them feel comforted and secure emotionally. This goes for both the physical world and the mental one. Ideas can stick with them no matter what until they are finally convinced they should let it go. Instead, you just want to get out in the world and live on the fat of the land, accumulating all of the opportunities and the riches that you possibly can. But, just about everything about your public image is uncomplicated.

This is a part of why so many people are attracted to you. And such a response is great for you, as you do seek to make people feel comfortable. Most Midheaven in Taurus people are seen as really hot, for some reason or another. Like Marilyn Monroe, you also understand that being sexy can get you ahead. My Taurus midheaven demands I one day reach the income bracket to shop at whole foods on the regular. Hmm not so much. So true!! Taurus midheaven is a dedicated, stubborn, and ambitious placement!

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Zodiac Midheaven in Taurus symbolism and astrological meanings and Planets In Signs horoscope

Originally posted by martynecas. Originally posted by songysong. Originally posted by paranoidinsane. I get freak out when a guy approaches me or shows his interest.

Taurus: You're Irresistible And Aesthetically Pleasing AF

I express what I feel and not a lot of people can deal with that. I am as hip as a 50 year old woman and I am into historical topics. I can be extremely happy one moment and depress the next.

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