January 11 2020 virgo astrology

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New opportunities, love, and money. The Rat is the first sign from the 12 animals cycle of the Chinese Zodiac, and for this reason, this time period is considered a year of new beginnings and renewals. The Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for all the natives.

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Everyone will show determination regarding their goals, aspirations, and even their hobbies. This is a great year for founding and evolving. Those who plan to buy real estate, to start a business or to invest money in a long-term project have great chances of being satisfied in the future. But, beware! This type of initiatives will only be successful if they are carefully planned. The Chinese New Year is celebrated every year through sumptuous and colorful festivities.

It is the most important celebration, an occasion for familiar reunion, party and two weeks long winter holiday. The beginning of the year, the first days of February are extremely bright and full of motivation. The Year of the Rat is going to bring us creative energy, an energy which can manifest by fulfilling plenty of things you wish in your life.

You will have the surety that everything is possible, that you are the creator of your own life and that yes, you have the power to be whoever you want to be. The metal element creates water, which means productivity and activity for the metal industries. These include: production of cars and machinery, IT, high tech industry, cosmetics, and health.

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The Rat Year of is under the sign of the Metal astral element, unlike the Pig Year, which has been under the Earth element. All the actions initiated this year are driven by success. You need to follow your goals with confidence and determination. You could be tempted away from your desk if you work for yourself also. The seduction could come from a new love affair. Remember the stellium of Capricorn in your 5th house also fans the flames of recreational sex. With Neptune making you misty-eyed in your marriage house at the same time there should be ample opportunities for romance.

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Now, the 5th house is not the place for really committed, long term relationships, however. You should have many offers, but you will need other more serious transits to make these dates stick. If on the other hand, you are in a long-term relationship of many years then this position will certainly put the spark back into the bedroom department. Having fun with your beloved and holidays with the kids will also be really enjoyable this year.

Health according to Virgo Horoscope 2020

Take all the time you can for pleasure and just indulge yourself. It will inspire you so much that when you do get back to your desk you will be all the more productive for it. The ideas could be money spinners! There are times you can actually work less to earn more and this will very much be the case this year ….

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The very serious Saturn conjunct Pluto on Jan 12 could work as a bit of a party pooper in this fun sector. What could happen here is that you put pressure on your partner to settle down and make a commitment, or they may make the same demand of you. If partners evade going deeper into the topic you might have a wandering eye for someone who will give you the security you crave. Jupiter travels through your 5th house practically all year Until Dec Around Jan 8 with Jupiter conjunct South Node the pursuer could be someone you knew from a past life.

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