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This one promises there is more, much more. Many have missed the boat. Many try to apply spirituality to their lives and yet are misguided, because they look to one other than ONE Waheguru. Any group of people have problems, the closer to the core, the deeper the rot. Whoever looks anywhere other than ONE Waheguru will suffer here and in the hereafter. If dear soul, there was once an attraction to Sikhi, then please take a careful look beyond your pain at Its True message, forget about those others, there will always be rotten apples in every barrel. Yoga although a powerful tool for change and has absolutely nothing to do with the essence of Sikh teachings, however complementary.

All have to come before Dharamraj, the judge of righteous living, in the end. Each will receive punishment or reward according to ones own record. Otherwise to point out the failings of others, is merely an excuse to overlook ones own shortcomings. I read with great interest your letter that someone forwarded to me. I largely agree with you, about leaving 3HO but remaining Sikhs, with some differences. My spouse and I are some of the only people I know of who have left 3HO for strong reasons of conscience, but have not left Sikhism.

Our allegiance is, and always has been, to the Guru first, last and always. There was a time when we believed that Yogi Bhajan was a righteous and honorable spiritual representative of the Guru, but after many years of denial, we had to sadly admit that he is corrupt, unethical, manipulative and cruel.

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Nevertheless, we understood the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh, that no Sikh should ever bow to a man, and when we were betrayed by that man, we simply turned our backs on him and turned our faces towards the True Guru, where we should have looked for guidance all along. We are grateful that he led us to the feet of the Guru, but there our relationship with him ends.

When a man, no matter how exalted in position, tells his followers to commit acts that are in direct violation of the teachings of Siri Guru Granth Sahib, a true Sikh must make a decision whether to follow that man or to follow the Guru. We chose our Guru. Yogi Bhajan teaches and practices many things that are specifically forbidden in the Sikh Reht.

Among these things are numerology, astrology, corrupt business practices phone rooms for example , and support for marital infidelity. By his own admission he is corrupt, and to quote his exact words, "Truth is whatever works.

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He has authorized his followers toturn people away who do not have a lot of money, saying that he does not want people like that around, he only wants people who make a lot of money. This is not hearsay this is direct experience. Many, many innocent and idealistic people have been taken in by his false words, and left with nothing to show for their loyalty but broken hearts and broken lives.

To warn people about Yogi Bhajan is not a slur against Sikhism, but a public service. One point I disagree with you on is when you equated his "Inner Circle" followers with being "Spiritually High". The one does not automatically assume the other to be a fact.

Save the Date! Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Training

Most of his inner circle was chosen for reasons of having large trust funds, or for more unspiritual reasons. In almost every example from Sikh history, the most spiritually exalted devotees were the most poor, and the most humble, not the ones in fancy clothes dripping jewels, who refused to eat Langar with the Sangat. The other point of disagreement is when you proclaim that all who leave 3HO go back to using drugs and alcohol.

A common practice in cult mentality is to label everyone inside the cult as "good", and everyone who leaves the cult as "bad". It is this kind of cult thinking that makes us know that 3HO is not practicing true Sikhism, but is instead largely a personality cult around Yogi Bhajan. To say that everyone who leaves goes downhill lost in drugs and booze is nothing more than a scare tactic designed to control followers.

There can be many reasons why a person would elect to leave 3HO. One of the best reasons is that many people after experiencing 3HO found it to be severely codependent and dysfunctional, and intolerant of anyone wishing to assert healthy boundaries and a high degree of psychological functionality. I personally know a number of people who have left 3HO who are highly functional people, raising happy, healthy, spiritually evolved and highly functional children.

I cannot say the same thing for many of thechildren in 3HO, especially those in the India Program. Please, do not make the mistake of equating 3HO with Sikhism. There are millions of Sikhs in the world who are not members of 3HO, and who do not regard or need Yogi Bhajan as their spiritual teacher, who nevertheless are very devoted, moral and decent human beings.

We are two of them. There is a sweet sadness, but it is the sadness of lost years, lost friends, and lost opportunities. Each person who has left [3HO] has probably made quite a different world for himself or herself. Exactly what is "The World"?

Must it always be the horrible fate they predict for us? It may be hard for those still involved to believe, but many of us have actually managed to fill our lives with even more interesting and successful endeavors.

2017 is the Year of Radiance!

An interactive course in the theory, practice, and basic skills of a Kundalini Yoga instructor, it includes hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of independent study: service projects, a day meditation, and White Tantric Yoga. Foundations introduces the student to the principles and practices of the self-sensory human, and explores how Kundalini Yoga and yogic lifestyle can harmonize and uplift the human experience and awaken your true potential.

In Level 1 you will become an instructor and learn the fundamental principles of Kundalini Yoga. You will develop the skills to instruct students in Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan. You will practice teaching Kundalini Yoga in a practicum setting, participate in early morning Sadhana spiritual practice , and experience the powerful transformational energy of White Tantric Yoga. There are three levels of certification:.

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There are six principle components in a Level One program: 1. Explore the nature of the mind and its training through Kundalini Yoga meditations, mantras, and pranayam breathing techniques. Humanology and Philosophy: The Lifestyle of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher The history and tradition of Kundalini Yoga, as well as the underlying philosophy behind all yogic practices. The technologies of Kundalini Yoga as they apply to healing and humanology the science of daily living , including diet, nutrition, and relationships.

Also Yogic anatomy and the energy systems of the body including the chakras, nadis, pranas and vayus, and the ten yogic bodies. Consciousness of a Teacher: Virtues and Values of Living in the Golden Chain The skills and techniques to become an effective instructor, including practical strategies for teaching beginners, ethical guidelines, curriculum development, and the transformational role of the teacher in developing a successful yoga practice.

To withdraw from the course before it begins, we must receive your request in writing. After this date, there will be no refunds. If the dates change, it will be within 1 month of start date, and no later. I entered the training with the intention of deepening my practice, being immersed in study and obtaining a certification, but I emerged with true connection to my soul, my spirituality and my purpose.

The seven months during the program were filled with reading, personal yoga and meditation practices and projects. The program demands intense, focused work that really taught me the essence of being a student; a quality I learned is essential for a potential teacher. The journey culminated with a beautiful and emotion-filled graduation ceremony that can only be described as a new beginning; as the effects of the practices and experiences during the training have since unfolded many more lessons and layers in my life.

The richness of the training also provided the impetus for lifelong friendships and community with my fellow trainees. I discovered the magic of this teacher training is that it will act as an alchemist in your life.

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